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Oh hi! I'm Mackenzie. 

I run [email protected] which is a spot for me to share resources for those of us that finance leaves out. 

I noticed as I started learning more about managing my money, a lot of advice is outdated, judgmental and honestly straight up bs. Like...I'm not into that. [email protected] is all about an honest and guilt free approach to money from someone actually building wealth on their own terms...while making only $23K a year. 

Between a full time job and school for a finance degree, I share what I learn and create content to help others in my same situation.

It takes some time to research, write and create content so if you feel like speakin my love language (iced coffees) I would legit love you forever. 

MaryAnn Orsary
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You are a healer--around money!

🥺 This is the best thing you could have said auntie! 

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Coffee, yum!

Thank you! This honestly made my Saturday. 😊 

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Great message and info! 

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