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Hey 👋 I am currently creating the Athens International Airport El. Venizelos (LGAV) freeware scenery project for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It is an ongoing work in progress which in v.1.0 includes the Tower and the adjacent building with high quality textures, realistic colors, emissive glass and functional red beacon lights at night!

Version 1.1 includes a new detailed handcrafted 3D building (IKEA), redesigned Tower and adjacent building, enhanced lighting at Bravo Stands (North Apron) and Satellite. Also, various 3D assets (wind barriers, vehicles, containers, cones, shuttle busses, fire-trucks, vegetation, stairs etc.) have been added to enhance realism.

The MEGA Update v.2.0 features the highly anticipated Terminal building! It includes some detailed handcrafted 3D assets and accurate night lighting! In addition to those, the Suburban Railway station and Bridge, as well as detailed street lights, banners, gate signs, logos, trees and other cosmetic 3D assets (flower pots etc.) are also included! It should be mentioned though that both assets and lighting are less dense than in real life in order to maintain a balance between the level of realism and in-game performance.

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