Be on time! This is the best advice that I can give someone who is organizing an event. You would think that one does not need such advice, however, if you are like me or any of my friends, it is very much needed. 

On the day of our first exhibition, I decided that I would make treats for the evening. I convinced myself that it would be okay because I did not need to help with set-up. In retrospect, I realise what a stupid decision this was because we were a team.  

He was supposed to arrive at the venue at a certain time but as time came nearer, he was still at our commune. I remember losing my mind as the stress of the day was getting me to boiling point. “What happens if no one comes?”  streams of questions flash within my mind “Are we looking unprofessional?”. I help him get his things together and chase him outside the house.  

One crisis hopefully averted. 

I made muffins because pre-mix muffins are foolproof. As I was anticipating a possible influx of guests, I compromised the quality of the muffin for the possibility of a huge quantity. Not a major crisis either because I was also expecting a beautiful cake from our sponsors to be delivered. I prayed that the cake would make up for my blunder. 

Nothing is ever smooth sailing. You would think that I would have chosen my outfit the night before but no. I am not that organised. I constantly hold on to the fallacy that I am a simple girl, I don't take that long to get ready. I ended up spending more time than I should be while getting dressed. 

You would think that I would have at least had a game plan for packing everything, but no. I spent the last-minute stumble over myself to find packaging and items to serve the treats. 

We had invited our commune friends, actually asked everyone to move their weekly programme to attend the programme. As I look back on this day, I am realising more how crazy it was. I found myself doing things that I would have never done before. 

We jumped into our old faithful bakkie and made our way to the venue to find the artist just finishing up his set up. We were already an hour late.  At least the cake was delivered.

Don’t be like my foolish self. Plan well.