Hi everybody!

Thank you for dropping by here!

I'm a full time video editor currently working for an ad agency and I am also a part time streamer (check me out here!). I setup a BMAC page for the supporters of my stream to be able to support my content, keep my afloat and enhance my streams.

I recently resigned from my job due to mental health reasons and I am serving the last couple of months of notice. I will have to start applying for a new job some time in July but due to the pandemic, anything can happen with the job hunt and I want to be able to prepare for it.

My goal for this page in the future is to create a video editing syllabus that will be behind a subscription model. I know, I know that people can find YouTube tutorials for editing for free but I am hoping that I will be able to provide more here!

And on top of that, I will also be posting other content on here as well - when I figure out what LOL. I just want to be able to create and entertain and educate people out there :)

Hope you will follow and support me <3 See you soon!!