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A Jacky Of All Trades

I've lived a full and great life, raising three boys, working two jobs and growing up in the baby boom era. I've worked physical jobs my whole life and been very healthy up until 2019 when I was hospitalized for the first time in my life. That hospitalization and the loss of my oldest son to cancer have left me drained, physically and emotionally. I've been unable to work a physical job, so now I create.

With back and forth health issues there are days I can accomplish quite a bit. Other times, I'm worthless for a couple of days. For this reason I work on creating items that can be delivered on auto-pilot to my fans, followers and customers. Or work that can be accomplished from home.

Reporting Local News:

My days of chasing ambulances, attending long committee and council meetings or just chasing down the latest big news story are a not possible on a regular basis any more.

Furthermore my journalistic endeavors have evolved because of this and when I present a worthy news story it's not a rushed and hurried collection of random quotes or reports. Now my work is more thought out and more thoroughly investigated before releasing the first edition. It's more important to me to anticipate the most FAQ that will come up and present as many of those answers in the first edition as possible. Don't get me wrong I love a good follow up, but a reader shouldn't have to come back every couple of hours to get one tiny bit more of the story. Your time is valuable so I try to produce the most, complete information in the first draft.

Artistic Endeavors

I'm also an avid artist and crafter, but being able to commit to following up on orders and sending tangible goods through the mail on a timely basis, isn't always possible with my unpredictable health.

So I'm dedicating my time to creating crafts that can be downloaded, printed out and produced by the buyer. With each digital kit I provide written instructions and in many cases a video to help teach you the skills you need to put the item together.

Late Boomer

My Youtube Channel - Late Boomer:

Like everyone else I have moments where I need some extra gentle hand holding and guidance to understand instructions for things like assembling furniture, taking down a pool or using hand tools to determining where the fill line is for microwave pasta bowls. Because of this I've made a bunch of helpful videos on a variety of how-tos.

Web Develompment

Lastly I've been creating my own WordPress websites for over a decade. Recently I've begun some formal training, learning code, web design and other aspects of Web Development. Now that WordPress is changing so rapidly, sites need to be clear about their data collection and the ADA is pushing for accessibility it's hard to navigate all these areas if you're not a WordPress expert and your time needs to be spent on other tasks for your business.

So I've gone into the business of web development. With my health a desk job is one thing I can deliver on consistently. Along with creating custom websites for businesses and individuals I am creating and offering a host of digital products to help people with their web design. The world wide web can't have enough original graphics, photography, design templates or WordPress website themes. So I'm adding my creativity to the mix.

How you can help

If my content brings you value, if you appreciate my journalistic efforts or if you just want to support my artistic efforts and want to do a little more than leave a nice compliment then you can buy me a coffee. This small gesture not only helps me monetarily, it will help to bring my content to more people. You will not only be helping me, but others. Thank you for stopping by.

In Closing:

So now you know more about me. Thank you for stopping by and I hope everything you create and accomplish today is as unique and beautiful as YOU!

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