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Linux Handbook is an ethical web portal publishing tutorials, tips and in-dept guides on topics related to Linux command line, servers, sysadmin and devops tools.

How is Linux Handbook an ethical web portal?

The Linux Handbook website doesn't have privacy violating, tracking ads. We have just one ad unit from Ethical Ads that do not track you. 

We believe in providing clean reading without pop-ups and ads scattered all over the place.

At Linux Handbook, we stay away from Google and its services. We use the privacy-friendly Plausible instead of Google Analytics.

We use secure email service Tutanota instead of Gmail.

We use Vimeo instead of YouTube for videos on the website.

All of these services are premium and cost money, but we believe in supporting independent services like Tutanota, Vimeo and Plausible to fight the unethical industry giants.

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Your contribution will help us provide original quality educational material in the form of articles and videos without putting obtrusive ads on the website.

You'll help us survive in an industry that is filled with copy-paste websites or dominated by big publishers owned by corporate giants.

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