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I am Lisa Goodwin, Chaired Bard of Ynys Witrin 2013, Glastonbury Festival Poetry Slam winner 2019. Fire-walker, Temple Builder, Priestess, Performance Poet, and Wizard.

Up until early 2020, much of the work that makes my heart sing has been done 'For the Love of It'. Consequently, in order to make ends meet and pay the bills, I've been serving tea and coffee for several years. From The Wizard Magic Hat Cafe at Glastonbury Festival and the Fairy Ball, to the Assembly Rooms on the High Street, I must have served coffee and other drinks to hundreds of people, often giving them away to lovely and friendly folk.

This lock down funk has given me a chance to explore how I am going to get my creative self out there and focus on making my teachings available. The ultimate goal is to find the time and funding to become a Travelling Bard.  To journey around the world, finding and hosting Bardic Fires, writing and performing poetry, creating ritual and ceremony in the sacred landscape and meeting other poets and creative story tellers.

I am stepping up and out of lockdown into a new story. Exciting stuff has been stirred up in the cauldron over the past year, and now it is time to bring it to you. INSPIRING creative connection with people, land and spirit, I will be offering coffee shop conversations and events online. Podcasts sharing what Max and I have learned from 15 years of serving the Glastonbury Community leading public magical ceremony and tending to The White Spring water sanctuary. 

About this time last year we were ready to set off headlong into vanlife. Then the whole world paused. Blessed with the chance to stay above The White Spring in Glastonbury for the duration, I have had the chance to be still, go within and take stock. 

Here is my biggest revelation ... I am done serving coffee. So, this is an experiment and I need your help to make it work.

You can now buy me a coffee! Better still, for the same donation each month, you can become a member and have access to all the exciting new teachings and juicy offerings that will become available.

If you cannot donate, I understand, it is tough times for many of us. However, it is free to share links and follow me and it helps me feel less lonely. I still offer so much of my creative energy freely, For the Love of It!

Only follow me online though, if you start following me in real life I might get a bit freaked out.

Thank you for your support, you glorious peeps. Big Love.

Lisa Goodwin

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