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Tales of a Reluctant Priestess - "Oh, yo ...

Tales of a Reluctant Priestess - "Oh, you're The Priestess of The White Spring,"

Aug 10, 2021

"Oh, you're The Priestess of The White Spring," she said.

Every time someone tries to put me in a box, I want to break right out of it. I had just spent the morning lighting candles, sweeping floors and dressing the altars, and here I was about to hold a public ceremony, uncomfortable with what was, most likely, a compliment and recognition of my role. I recoiled from the term, smiled and told her I was the current Custodian.

She looked at me with such awe and respect, propped me up on a pedestal, squinted her eyes and looked deeper.

"Oh, you are definitely the Priestess,"

It only served to make me squirm. I was bound to fall from grace. Her definition and understanding of Priestess was most certainly different to mine. The expectations people have of me because of the position they assign me are limiting, so I tend to avoid them.

Many people have referred to me as a Priestess and it took a few years for me to accept it. I was of course tending the temple, acting and serving as a Priestess, but not the kind you might expect. It took a few falls for me to realise that I don't need to fit into any one else's box.

So starts a diary of sorts.

Exploring the living mythology and ongoing story of my time at The White Spring, a magnificent water temple. Tales of a Reluctant Priestess, a candid look at life beneath Glastonbury Tor.

After spending almost 15 years serving this sacred space, I have collected some incredible stories and more are being made every day. I am recording and bringing together some of my current and past experiences to give people an idea of what it is like to live and work here, For the Love of It!

"Living above the White Spring is a true blessing, you are so lucky!"

Another phrase I hear a lot. Luck, maybe. Hard work, sacrifice and dedication, definitely.

It really is an incredible place to live. Glastonbury Tor rises up behind us, the red and white waters flow perpetually, pilgrims and locals pass by each day. Some come for water, some questing, recharging, healing, a perpetual flow seeking something.

Occasionally people come with chaos to calm, some decide to let it run wild, which can be disconcerting. It is not all heart chakra, wafting incense and quiet reverence.

There are powerful sacro-magical forces here, perpetual water flows, and with a temple of reflection at our roots, it requires constant tending. Regular spacial consecrations and offerings are required. Otherwise, it can feel unsettling and tumultuous. Those fae folk can be tricksy.

When I was a Custodian, responsible for the day to day running of the place, I used to liken it to standing on the edge of a precipice in a storm. There is a wildness to this place that is not of this world. As a consequence, it attracts a wildness that is.

Foulness and Friction

I celebrate this wildness, except when it's intentionally harmful and destructive. We have recently been having trouble dealing with a challenging individual, I will refer to him as my friend called him, Frank Nemesis.

Frank has become somewhat entrenched in the garden, he is like an angry gnome, yet he seems to charm some people. He tells lies and throws shade on the work of the sanctuary and says some really nasty things. He has accused the team of some heinous crimes and has encouraged other people to join in his harassment.

Frank is an arsehole. The belligerent bastard sits there knowing that keepers will avoid confrontation whilst intimidating and baiting them. Whenever he has been asked to move from the exit, or to stop smoking strong weed and blowing it into the temple, he gets aggressive. Three keepers have been assaulted.

This issue has taken up so much of my time and attention over the last few months. Obviously having a provocation on your doorstep is not conducive to creative flow. My energy and output has been lacking, since I took on the mundane tasks of logging all the incidents.

Tiresome tasks are sometimes mine to do. Reluctant Priestess or not, I will stand up against bullshit like this, even if it means shouting in the street like an angry Bard. More on that later, not the shouting hopefully, but I will tell you the story next time.

I love this place and I will bring as much harmony and beauty as my capacity allows. Sometimes I will be human, and vulnerable. I may well cry, lose my patience and get angry when I see injustice and cruelty.

Peace isn't always quiet, Priestesses aren't always graceful, and sometimes, shit just needs sorting out.

My love and gratitude to those supporting our creative endeavors on The Frank Nemisis saga is nearly over and we will be back on track soonest. Thank you for your patience.

Much love


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