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Hello! My name is Lisa. I am a intuitive/mixed media artist. Most of my art includes repeating patterns and lines. I recently started learning how to create collage art as well. 

I began my art journey almost two years ago. My daughter, Jayne was always asking me to draw her favorite cartoon characters and animals. I eventually got sick of hearing myself tell her I couldn't draw and decided to start teaching myself. Though I still enjoy drawing cartoons for her and really, just for fun, I quickly noticed throughout this journey I enjoy drawing patterns (zentangle inspired) and repeating lines. 

In the future I would like to create a workshop to help others discover their creative side the same way I did, repeating patterns & lines. This type of art can be extremely therapeutic/meditative. It has helped me through some hard days and I would like to do the same for others. 

By buying me a coffee, you will be helping that dream to come true. Thank you for the support!