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The Genetic Journeys podcast will tell the suspenseful story of how I took a genetic test to help plan DNA travel, only to find the birth father and family I never thought I'd know, and the healing I didn’t know I needed.

It's a wild detective adventure filled with remarkable twists and turns, frustrating dead ends and unbelievable surprises.  It will include interviews with family members, adoption experts and my childhood friend who helped “crack the case.”

Although not officially a “how to” or educational podcast, listeners will learn about adoptee issues and resources, consumer DNA testing’s impact on families, genetic and traditional genealogy, multiculturalism, Black American history and identity, and redefining family. Listeners will also be inspired to solve their own life mysteries and reclaim their ancestral roots.

If you want to hear this podcast in 2022, I hope you'll consider supporting my project – for just the cost of a cup of coffee.  This will help me pay for the amazing production team I've brought on board.

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