Buy Listening Archive a coffee


Hey everyone, 

We are Aimee and Charlie, co-creators of Listening Archive, a podcast and platform that allows communities to come together, even though they may be miles apart.

We are a media student and media teacher from the UK, who came up with this idea two days before our school was sadly closed temporarily because of Covid-19. 

Any help you can offer (especially recurring help) is HUGELY appreciated, not only by us but by everyone that would love to donate, but simply can’t.

Our podcast was invented to provide an easy way for everyone to feel a little less isolated which can be anyone at any time. You just hit a record button on our website and then your recording automatically gets sent to us. 

We are looking for help to cover our podcast monthly costs. We are a teacher and a student so this isn't our full-time job but something we wanted to do to bring people together. 

Please visit our website again to see all the effort we have been putting in to make this a success. 

With love and THANK YOU... Aimee and Charlie x 

Ps. Communities like this bring us all together.