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Written and presented by Rob Fairbairn and Lauren Fairbairn

Welcome to The Listening Room for primary students – a series of musical appreciation lessons mainly for primary or elementary students aged between about 4 and 13. Younger children will also enjoy it.

Each lesson provides guided listening and movement activities with links to optional follow-up activities.
Perfect to help young people stay grounded and broaden their experience and appreciation of classical music.
Find out more about the Listening Room at
Sharon Neilson
Sharon Neilson bought 3 coffees.

I love what you have done for me as a teacher. I've rediscovered Orff and your Listening Room program is amazing so THANK YOU

Kitty Rea
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Nita bought 4 coffees.

Thanks folks. These were great to send out for 'school at home'.

jane Southern bought 3 coffees.

Thanks Rob and Lauren for these podcasts - I have loved them for my class during remote learning!

Thanks Jane for the coffees and positive feedback. It's great that Listening Room can be added to your class lessons, hopefully saving you time.  Take care,  Lauren 🎶 ☺️ 

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