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Thank you for taking the time to visit me here! My name is Cheryl Sakurai, and I am the creator of the lifestyle blog Curious Little Bunny. I'm that weirdo girl who spends her free weekends happily reading self-growth books and long articles on new life hacks so that you don't have to. :P I love to take the key points of those long books, articles, and videos and combine them with my own personal experiences to produce short and sweet content that you can fly through and start applying in your life today. I am so grateful for any support that you kindly gift me with! Every coffee you buy on this page helps me keep Curious Little Bunny alive and hopping, so thank you so much!

A Little More About Me: Dance is a big part of my life! I love to share tutorials and tips on how to create your own original dances (dance choreography). I also love to draw and paint all things that are adorable and funny, and have started designing items you can use in your everyday life that will make you smile~! I made them for myself to help me find a reason to smile on dark, cloudy days. You can check them out here!