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Weekly oracle reading | Blog

Feb 08, 2021

For the week beginning Monday, 8th February, 2021

The Venom - the poison, the curse, the toxin

I make use of venom a fair bit in my life. It ranges in style from idle snark through to full-blown strikes. It's a tool that was used against me to keep me in my place, to remind me that I will never be better than my attacker. My attacker is no longer around, but I picked up the Venom and now wield it against others. And most of the time it is unnecessary.

Extracting such psychic and ancestral Venom takes time and much work. Thankfully the first step is recognising that I am using it. The second step is much harder; change. The wheel can be broken, but how?

The spreading of the Venom is like a chain reaction. When we strike others, it is likely we have ourselves been struck. Break the cycle.

Are there times in your life where you wield Venom? Who do you use it against? And who do taught you to use it? Is it time to put it down?


Today I used The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck.

I am learning to read various tarot and oracle decks. I can offer simple readings free of charge, or in exchange for a donation. Just ask! x

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