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Feb 22, 2021

Happy Monday, m'dears & m'deers!

Cow Spirit - The miracles are endless

There are some who will tell you that domesticated animals cannot be animal teachers; that they are too tame and docile, that they have had their magic drained from them over years of human domestication. Utter nonsense! What animal teachers could be better than the ones who know us?

Enter Cow, one of the most loving and generous animal teachers. I view her as a nurturing mother figure.

She's making her presence felt this week to ensure we are looking after ourselves. What are we doing to feed ourselves in mind, body, and spirit? And is that food nourishing us, or actually depleting us?

Cow wants the best for us, but she can only do that if we do the best for ourselves.

I have not been eating very well these past few years. Too much fat and sugar, and my body is paying the price. My mind doesn't feel anywhere near as sharp as it used to be, and my connection to spirit could be stronger. I am not looking after myself as well as I could!

What can we do this week to nourish ourselves?


Today I used The Spirit Animal Oracle.

I am learning to read various tarot and oracle decks. I can offer simple readings free of charge, or in exchange for a donation. Just ask! x

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