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Hello Everyone, 

I like to hear radio station music very much! my problem was that i don't like to hear the broadcaster talking or sometimes i would prefer to skip the current song or maybe hear a song that was played before, so I've decided to create application that monitor my favorite radio stations then recognizing the song the playing at the same time and update playlists in Spotify, this is how i could get my radio station without broadcaster and with the ability to skip songs that i don't like or repeat songs that i liked :) 

You can find my link to live playlists and to my Facebook page at the bottom of this message.

Currently my application is deployed on free trial server that going to be expired soon, if the server will  be shutdown my playlists won't get updated anymore :(

If you like my playlists I need your help to raise money so i can maintain my server and keep these playlists live :)