The power of choice

I find one of the most difficult parts about being a writer for me is realizing that we choose the hard path over the easy path. What I mean is most of us could’ve taken classes to be a nurse, businessman, lawyer, and accountant which would give us the freedom to our bank accounts. Money though is not everything. Everyone tells me I should go into accounting there is money to be made. Follow the money and it will bring you happiness. This constant badgering makes me feel that I should be an accountant even with my very bad math skills. However, what I want to be is a writer. I want my words to float into the world and make a difference.

The problem with being a dreamer

I am a dreamer. I do not believe that I should follow the path of money much to many people’s dismay. Greed kills me. It’s like people who are greedy feel that money is everything and that being in a high demanding job career like accountants, doctors, and in business is where it is at. No. My dreaming self-believes that words should, and will always hold power in a world so consumed by technology. I believe in stories, and the power they hold for the reader. I can not imagine the world in which I am not writing. I think that some people are meant to be doctors or accountants. But I am not one of them. I would miserable sitting around typing numbers into a computer.