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I am a writer, painter, mother, dancer and all-round creator of beauty.

Life is my canvas. It is also my medium, my muse and my finished product. Frida Kahlo once said 'I paint my reality'. To me, this means that through my creative expression, I have the power to create the reality that I desire.  And my creative intention is super clear. My creativity is to awaken myself and others to the truth of our existence. I paint to set us free from our limited viewpoints which cause us pain. I write to open our hearts to the beauty within us. I create because I absolutely love it. Creating feels like magic. My creativity feels like a potent healing elixir. MAGIC. And there is nothing the world needs more right now than magic. People doing what inspires them to make love and magic. 

Thank you for supporting my creative adventures for the cost of a coffee or two. Yeah, thanks so much!