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Hey, I'm Liz!

I'm an art teacher, artist, and owner of BrentArt, where my family and I create custom art for people all over the country. I've taught hundreds of people how to paint – from Ages 3 to adult, beginners to advance.

I recently opened my online painting membership, the Painter’s Retreat, to combine my experience as an artist and art teacher to share my love for painting with others.

From art camps and nursing homes, to high schools and community centers, I've pretty much taught everywhere. My goal is to make art accessible for all, one lesson at a time.

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Thank you for doing what you do!

Marisa bought 10 coffees.

Love painting with you Soror Liz💜💙💛💕
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So inspired by all tge art you create, Liz, and all the art avenues you pave for others. Cheering you on, Hilda

Tanisha Smith
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I enjoyed your virtual paint party this evening. 😍

Mary Kay
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We had a blast! I highly recommend booking a party with Liz TODAY!