Hello dear supporters

The Poeticals are keeping me up at night...

365 of them are being recorded, a post written about each, then uploaded. Just over half are done 😊. The ink is flowing as - albeit with my night owl working overtime - all 365 will be done and on the website by Jan 1st!

The intention is to offer them as a subscription service from 1st March (or find some lovely publisher who'd like to create a 'Poetical a Day' book or podcast).

So far the mixing costs (putting the musical intro/outro on each one - transforms the listening experience) run to just under £1k. My turnover this year is not quite £70.00... 😟 Any coffees greatly appreciated - and sharing with those who might help redress the balance.

Nevertheless, the Poeticals and I are in good shape and send you Seasonal warmth, joy, health and wealth.

best poetic