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A week... it's the final countdown

Jul 25, 2022

It's approaching my deadline... one week! And my 42nd birthday. I'm broke, I'm stressed, I'm sad. I'm throwing a pity party this weekend... anyone wanna come? There will likely be tears in the punch and possibly on the cake... but I think I have some balloons and streamers somewhere 🤔

If I don't have my book finished, that's it, I'm hanging up my dreams and moving on to desultory, tedious, reality. Not sure what that entails. My anxiety hasn't exactly gone away and neither have the other things... always demons in the way... I gotta say last year's birthday was much nicer...

If you'd like to support my writing, in hopes that it continues: wrknggrl22 at yahoo.com for paypal, or feel free to buy me a coffee or three, or I have venmo and cashapp as well...

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