Dec 06, 2022

Quick Update and exciting things

Just a quick note to let you all know that new stuff will be up tomorrow on my patreon...that's another chapter of my book, and 3 installments of the d&d after dark story. As well as a new feature: bedtime stories... I will be reading from a randomly selected piece of erotic fiction. There will be a couple of other cool tiers being added as well so make sure to check it out Thursday.I'm the textbook case of a starving artist so if you're looking for a worthy cause to... more

Nov 20, 2022

Thoughts on frozen fingers

Why am I thinking of frozen fingers? Largely because mine feel very frozen and it makes it hard to type. It took me five minutes to type that. You would think by now we would have developed some sort of evolutionary something in our extremities.It's cold in my house. But if I can get my fingers warmed up, I will be posting new things to my patreon. My water is due to be shut off by the beginning of next month so if you haven't subscribed to my patreon yet, now is an excellent time to... more

Nov 06, 2022

Whoop whoop!

I finally got my patreon page set up... there will be a book released one chapter a month, as well as a D&D story published in parts each week. Later, I will be adding other stuff. Go check it out! Tell me what you think.

Nov 03, 2022

Deja view

I feel like I have just written the same things over and over this year. Earlier In the year, I needed tires and brakes and rotors and a host of other car related things. And now, in November I apparently need two tires and I just had my brakes replaced and my oil changed. I have bills to pay that didn't get paid last month and the ever needed animal food. If there is any of my supporters that can help me please send stuff to my PayPal: wrknggrl22 at Tomorrow is 2 years since my... more

Oct 17, 2022

Would you want to?

Well? Would you? Oh... right... you have no idea... well I'm thinking of doing a voice story that is a bit on the ... um ... sultry side....would you listen?What if it was a d&d esque adventure?What if it was both?I'm brainstorming creative podcasts... or are you over podcasts?It would be either up on YouTube, or through discord or twitch and then highlights posted here or interviews about the stories...So would you listen? Would you financially support it if I opened my... more


Sep 11, 2022

Thoughts on mourning

Night two of bad dreams about my husband. Last night, I woke up crying, great big, fat tears running down my face, sobbing into my pillow. Tonight I jerked awake and got up, like my body physically couldn't bear lying there another second. Right after my husband passed, I had quite a few nightmares and trippy "haunted" dreams. I had thought those were gone.Guess not. It makes me wonder at the nature of mourning, how our brains sort of stutter and pop a memory right smack dab in... more

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