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Scene and Not Heard

Scene and Not Heard

Dec 04, 2021

She crouched in the bushes outside the house, stuck in that awkward place of indecision. Her feet were tingling, pins and needles stabbing into her toes. She really had to pee. She should just go home. What was she doing? Did it really matter so much if they were together? She didn't really love him anyway...

Just as her body took over and pushed herself upward, the blood flow sending jolts of pain through her legs, the light came on in the house. The front hall. She was home. A few minutes later two shadowy figures entered the room, their forms outlined by the hall light. She wasn't alone. A moment of disappointment. It wasn't him. But then the man reached out and pulled her in close, slowly running his fingers down the bare skin of her back, cupping her ass and pulling her against his body...

She was transfixed. It was like watching the scene of a movie except she was right there, separated only by glass and a few feet. She didn't move a muscle. Barely breathed. She could feel her pulse rocketing, wetness pooling between her legs. She knew she should leave. She stayed, watching as the couple inside peeled each other's clothes off.

When the man turned her around and pushed her over the arm of the couch, he looked directly at the window. He knew. He smiled. And plunged himself deep into her...grabbing her hips and pumping in and out. She was moaning and...

She imagined he was doing that to her, not the woman inside...she felt her cheeks flame. Her legs started moving...she began running. She needed to escape her thoughts.

Sitting in her car, she reached a hand down and felt her wetness, felt how hot the scene had made her. Touching herself, she knew she needed to see more.

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