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Thoughts on caring

Thoughts on caring

Dec 27, 2021

It's the day after Christmas, only one day and the world seems to be right back to ugly. All day long, I've been bombarded with rudeness, ugly attitudes, and people telling me I'm wrong for caring. That I can't change anything, that caring is a waste of energy.

Then a cover of Lennon's Imagine started playing and I felt this rebellious sort of vindication that Yes! Maybe I'm a dreamer for wanting the world to be better, for people to be better, but I'm not the only one.

I thought of my husband, a man who had a truly kind, generous spirit. I thought of all the horrible things I've seen other human beings do and say. I thought of my daughter's dad who used to belittle me for crying over something sad. Who took pleasure in causing me pain emotionally and physically. Then I thought of the day a few years ago, while I was rescuing on my own, that I pulled up to meet a person that didn't want their kitten, and before I even got all the way out of my car, they shoved the kitten into my hands and were back in their car and pulling away. I didn't begrudge the kitten, it had no voice in the matter, was not at fault. But people are so quick to toss aside someone or some thing because it becomes inconvenient.

Does one person who cares have any chance against a wall of apathy? I'd like to think so but right now I just feel so sad.

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