Buy llamasking a coffee


I'm a software developer and I also host a couple of TF2 servers as a passion project. Your donations help me to keep doing what I love and also shows me that you love what I do.

As a token of my gratitude, for any donation of any size, I'll grant you permanent advertisement immunity when you access my game servers. This applies to all servers, current and future, and will never expire. Just make sure to include a link to your Steam profile so that I can figure out who you are.

I strongly believe in openness and privacy. Almost all of my publicly-facing code is freely available under an open license and I make no attempt whatsoever to mask the plugins my servers are running. While I do serve ads to help keep them online and am not in control over the data that platform stores on you, I do not permanently store any of your personal information unless absolutely required (donor status and bans).