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Hi! I'm a software developer that loves Open Source (and Free/Libre Software even better).

Please note that preferred way to receive support is via GitHub Sponsors (this explains why). Nevertheless it is, of course, up to you which platform to use.

👋 A bit about me

I've been involved in FOSS for more than 20 years (since the end of the 90s). I've founded local Linux users groups and contributed to FOSS projects and wrote a few myself.

🏗️ What am I working on

I guess if you reached this page, you already know some project I'm working on (or have worked on) and you want to support that, but in the off-chance that you are just an angel out there looking at random developers to support, you can check my profile in GitHub Sponsors for more details.

💖 Sponsoring my work

I always made a living on software development, and always tried to keep as much of the software I write open source. But I also always worked as an employee in a company, as it is not always easy with companies that struggle to see the value of open sourcing code.

I feel it is time to make a jump and at least try to make a living while doing open source, and writing meaningful software. I know it will be a hard jump, and that failure is very likely, but hey, I have to try, and I will be eternally thankful if you can sponsor my work.

I'm currently accepting sponsorship using the following platforms:

GitHub Sponsors Sponsor me via Liberapay Paypal Sponsor me via Buy Me A Coffee Sponsor me via PatreonFlattr

This is just to make supporter's lives easier. If you already use a sponsoring platform, I don't want to force you to sign-up to another one.

You should bear in mind that different platforms have different features and fees (so in the above list are sorted by preference order). Currently the only platform that have zero fees is GitHub Sponsors, so if you can, please use that one (but it doesn't currently have an option for one-time payments). If you want to know exactly what are the features and fees of different platforms, you can have a look at the summary I compiled.

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