Buy CityCreative a pizza


Formerly known as Voozlr. CityCreative is an upcoming social media platform for local creators. It's currently self-funded, and operated by an indie maker who put countless hours into creating the product.

Me and my creative peers have always struggled promoting our work (screenplays, songs, videos, artwork) on social media, and find it hard to get exposure in a global over-saturated market. This problem seems to be getting worse as the bigger social networks become solely focused on ad revenue and popularity.  But what if we can have a platform that puts you in control of the content, not the algorithms or the advertisers? What if we separated the tough competition, and gave local creators a chance to get discovered and make a decent living from their content? Enter CityCreative I'm about halfway done, and it's scheduled to launch later this year, but my funds are limited. If you would like to help CityCreative, I can really use a coffee or two to help me complete this platform for the under-served community of local creators everywhere. Thank you!