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Locker Room Talk & Shots is the LGBTQ+ NPR of raunchy women’s sex talk. Think fun, honest, and feminist as fuck with the goal of fighting the patriarchy one female orgasm at a time. Our podcast is powered by booze and a pure passion for empowering women in all areas of their lives, but especially in their sex lives! Our podcast and articles (and all of the articles) on our sister site: She Explores Life are created for free. You can find more stories and columns like Definitely Gay and Bisexuality in Reality, which are both written by your Locker Room Talk hosts who would be so very grateful to anyone and everyone who would be kind enough to buy us a shot! If you do, we promise to keep talking sexy to you and dishing all the best secrets about what women want, love, hate and do in bed when nobody but their partner(s) are watching!