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Hey 👋 for every coffe you buy you got 4 submissions! i will respond within 48 hours, i accept lofi hip hop, boombap and trap songs

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Love the work you’re doing and your lofi station playlist and have some vibes I think you would like: 1. NGAFL2 2.CTA 3. Far from Utopia 4. Killah b

hey thank you so much for your support! we added NGAFL2 to the lofi station playlist and Killah b to the soul playlist :)

Marios Christou
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Hey! Really like your blend of styles. Makes me feel like I'm laying on my back in a pool staring at the moon. ☺️ I only have one track at the moment, but I think it would be a good fit for your boombap/lofi playlist. It's in the style of Flying Lotus with a little more of an uplifting vibe. Let me know! ✌️

This one has a super nice vibe man, i actually never heard something like this before, but unfortunately it doesn't really fit any of our playlists, we are looking for a more old school sample based vibe for our boombap playlist, i loved the experimental vibes and sounds on this one, im saving it and if i create a playlist of this genre/style your track will be the first one on it!:) hope to hear more from you

Pd. i followed you and i'll be listening to your next releases:)

Understandable. If there are any playlists you'd think it'd be a good fit for let me know. ✌️ New stuff coming soon. 

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Instagram: phonedownmusic  I hope those fit your playlist: Hope you have a great day and thanks for your work.  Greetings from Germany

added watching a bird fly and Oceanlights!

Trell Daniels
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Hey wasup my man, hope all is well. I have a few new tracks that may fit the playlist vibes. Cheers.

hey! added Blue Dream and Dalia to the lofi & chillhop playlist :)