Buy Logical Elements a coffee


Hello friends and coffee drinkers,

For those who don't know about me, I am Ioan Macovei aka Logical Elements, an Ambient/Chillout/Downtempo producer from Romania.

Here is a part of my musical world where you can find everything i create from start to finish and before are officially released.

I had a very long debate (like a year and some') with myself about to launch or not this kind of page for fans and for those who really wants to support my projects of what I do.

After i reviewed some of platforms like Patreon i have finally chosen 'Buy Me A Coffee' about which i must be honest that i like the name as i'm a heavy coffee drinker. 🤪☕❤️

Here you can support my lovely work and projects by becoming a coffee drinker too ☕❤️ as a membership drinker 😈 or by offering me a single sweet Ethiopian good coffee 😛 aand i will offer you in exchange the tracks and the albums before they are officially released and much more.

Every month i will post something about the projects i work on, how i work, what i use to create music, my work style, polls, questions, discussions...

I hope you will enjoy this place.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! 💓🙏💓

My Official Bandcamp Page