'Heritage' it is the name for my next album which i hope to release it this summer of 2021.

For the first time i plan as this album to be released on CD and Vinyl format in addition to the usual digital format. I haven't yet start to work on it as now i work on another big project collab though limited by my old studio setup. After the collab project will be completed i will start to work on Heritage which will have 8 - 9 tracks.

You can support Heritage project(which also will help my future projects) by becoming a membership coffee drinker or by buying me a one or more coffee cups to reach the goal. :P

Those who will contribute to this album will have my infinite gratitude, my entire discography and a pre-release copy of 'Heritage'. Also you will have full access to the content which will be posted monthly on my Buy Me A Coffee page.

You can be part of Heritage album! 💓

The set up configuration for my new studio is:

  • 01. A new complete PC configuration - €1500 

  • 02. A pair of Adam Audio A7X Studio Monitors - €1100

  • 03. Presonus Studio 26c Audio Interface - €200

  • 04. beyerdynamic DT-1770 Pro 250 Ohms Headphones - € 450 

  • 05. Zoom H5 Bundle Portable Audio Recorder - €300 

  • 06. Rode NT2-A Studio Solution S Bundle Mic - €300 

  • 07. Presonus Studio One 5 Professional DAW license - €400

  • 08. Omnisphere 2 VSTi software license - €400 

  • 09. Heritage album mastering

  • 10. CD(100 copies) and Vinyl(50 copies) 'Heritage' Album recording

  • 11. Cover Artwork for Heritage

Q. Why do i need this expensive studio setup?

A. Well, the computer is the most important part for a music producer and this studio setup will give me the chance to work without limitation and to go on higher level with my projects resulting on better quality releases.

Thank you very much! 💓🙏💓

Ioan M