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May 31, 2021

An erotic tale this monday.

Hi dears readers today is a erotic tale.

Erotic tale my boss.

I watched with my brown eyes enchanted as if looking at the light through the window in the morning, it seemed like an impossible dream, every part of me wanted him, I was completely in love. He wanted his body, his touch, his lip, his company, he even wanted his loud laughter. His loose smile at the corner of his mouth. I wanted to live just to have him in my life. What I wouldn’t do for that man, his citrusy scent mixed with the aroma of cigarettes excited me on those long sleepless nights, when my stubborn head thought of him compulsively, as if my life depends on having that desire satisfied as if I could touch him. That stubble, his long brown hair, his teeth parted in front. I wanted to touch it. In that office my thoughts went wild. I wanted to dive, lose myself so that I no longer have to find myself without that body. Because desire consumed me, like a mouth gets a cigarette. His brown eyes made me see the beauty of the sea right in front of me, I felt his tranquility, as if I were with my feet in the sand feeling the sand pinching my stubborn foot, the salt water wetting my stubborn skin. I didn’t want to fall in love, but I was already with him. I imagined myself stubbornly kissing him, agent laughing together between making out and kissing. _Eduarda have you finished your work to stay there traveling? _No I’m traveling I’m working. _ Stop being stubborn and go back to your work. _No I am resigning. _ Stop being stubborn and go back to work now. _No I am in love. _What does this have to do with your work, stubborn lady, fall in love after work. _It’s for you. _And to be honest this has been happening for a while, I don’t want to be stubborn anymore, I’m not being admitted now. _To be honest I had no idea of ​​that, maybe it is better to have your resignation really, you haven’t really worked well. _Because you are so arrogant, don’t you feel the desire too? _Being back to being stubborn? _Yes just wanted to know if you felt the same. He breathed hard, the office was just agent, I found myself in that skin, I felt a comfort, as if I were at home, belonged to him. We were closer to each other and when he kissed me I heard the sound of the sea. I couldn’t believe I was finally having that man. He ran his hands over my office clothes, in my short straight brown hair, ran his hand gently over my skin, my whole body felt goose bumps. I wasn’t being stubborn anymore, I let myself take care of the situation, while I kissed all over, my negative belly, even inside, I groaned loudly. Then he penetrated me and came quickly with such excitement, gave me one last kiss while he swallowed a cigarette beside me. He took a deep breath and said: _ I know we would not work, but we would be a beautiful mistake. I said: _Truth. Swallowing a cigarette in front of my old job, I understood the stupid thing I had done, I was unemployed and in love. Now the only thing I wanted to do was go home, after not even saying goodbye to him, the one I wanted now was a cause for shame for being so stubborn to the point of not settling down until I had him, I thought that while swallowing another cigarette and waiting for one taxi, but I would rather have had it than never. short story written by Lollita Scarlett. I hope you enjoyed a tight hug and see you next time.

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