Oh the quarantine, I think I've never been cloistered at home for so long, it's good that as a good Cancerian, I've always been quite homey, but not so much, but I'm glad there's Netflix, I love watching movies, being at home whenever I can, my dear and beloved puppies that give meaning to my existence, I also thank you, our newest member, dog Tomas, is only a few months old and brings a lot of joy, makes a lot of laughs too, it would definitely not be the same without them, I also thank the good books that my dear mother always liked to read, among them Zero limit, genetics are to blame among many others it looks more like a library than an apartment laughs, with Andre Vianco's books, mine in this case, after Penumbra became Andre Vianco's books , I'm currently reading the first seven, I confess that I read for quarantine passionate, now my world has become my home, bedroom, living room and kitchen. Sometimes I'm surprised when I go out to sunbathe, for example, I seem to forget that there's life outside, laughter, how beautiful the sky is, the heat of the sun, the feeling of the wind on my skin, the beauties of the little things in life, the nature, how beautiful it is, a flower, a tree, whenever i can hug i close my eyes and feel its energy, in this chaos that is now virus, masks here and there, the tours are trips to the market, the pharmacy , unfortunately I don't have health insurance to put me at risk, much less medical advice all the time, because we shouldn't let it be contaminated by the ignorance of mistaken speeches that everyone is saying to stay at home, if other countries have already there is the vaccine, they are being vaccinated without chaos imagine us then, we have to stay too and ask for everything to pass soon so we can hug, be close to those we love like our family, so be sensible if you can stay at home.