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Snow White Chronicle!

Poor Snow White, after nearly dying of poison, saved by Prince Charming with a kiss, not only from his death, but also from the martyrdom of his life. Little did he know what awaited him, a lazy prince who does nothing to help with the chores from the castle and from Snow White became Cinderella, but no sisters or stepmother. She got carried away by society’s charms about the existence of Prince Charming and marriages, when she bought this fairytale idea, she was faced with the reality of a bad marriage. Where the prince barely spoke, he was just enchanted by the physical appearance of snow white, so she was reclusive in the castle library, alone after finishing her tasks. Despite having employees, she still had her wifely duties as the misogynist prince said, when she realized that instead of solving her problems, he only brought her more, with so many demands on her body and wifely duties. She decided to live a quiet life with the seven dwarfs, who valued her company much more, besides discovering that she didn’t need anyone to solve her problems, let alone pleasure her happiness. Because both were responsibilities on her own, not living happily ever after because she doesn’t exist forever, she shared her life with her dwarf friends, doing what she loved to write and read. Unlike the prince, he shared the chores around the house, they talked to Snow White without targeting her only for her body and appearance, but they valued their own company more.