Hi dear readers I’m going to release a book with several stories, this is a piece of one of them I hope you like it, a tight hug Lola.

Jeremiah was known as the tough guy until the day his wife asked him to kill the cockroach in the bathroom.

Jeremiah was feared by everyone in town with his bad boy face and his muscles that jumped out of his tank top. Known as strong Jeremiah by the most intimate, as well as in bar conversations he was mentioned for being quarrelsome. He would return home to his frail Wife with honey-dyed blond hair and brown eyes, beautiful in the eyes of Jeremiah, who always said he was in love. Eduarda was taking a shower, while Jeremiah was drinking his coffee, feeling his bitterness filling his bitterness, they lived in a simple house, with little furniture already well worn, but they were happy, oh how they were, his wife Eduarda, cooked like no one else, after they had lunch. put her icy feet on his back, watched television together until late. As Jeremiah traveled in the very thoughts of his life with his wife, Eduarda gave a cry. He got up and said: _What was my love?

Eduarda said: _ A cockroach, for the love of God, kills.

Jeremiah said: _ All this because of a cockroach?

Eduarda says: _ Sorry, I forgot that I’m married to Jeremiah the strong, this cheap will be a token for you to kill.

Jeremiah started to cry when the cockroach approached, with its foul attempts to kill the damned one, with its Havaianas slipper.

He continues… ..