I had closed my heart completely, after several previous failed relationships, I was tired of hurting myself, so I decided to make my heart a stone, instead of loving it, I preferred to dream about it through books, because at this moment I am completely involved in every word, every sentence, from a novel I have in my hands, from page to page I can put myself in the character's place, I feel my brown eyes move with each word I read, I smell the new book that exhales with each turn the page, I run my thin fingers on the paper and I can feel its thick texture.

I taste a delicious wafer ice cream, which on my palate is practically an orgasm, upside down looking at my slippers on my feet, I felt the silk texture on the skin of my nightgown, lying on my old bed, traveling on that reading.

I look at every bit of my room full of books, as well as wrapped around where I'm lying in total chaos, the white walls moldy, my notebooks scattered, my clothes here and there, except where they should be in my closets.

I hear a knock on the old wooden door of my room, my mother Ivone enters my private universe, I love her gray hair with white and her brown eyes, she is dressed as she says to work leggings and a simple black blouse, Hawaiian slippers.

She says: _WoW that messes this room, lets go of this book, goes to live a little Letícia, looks for a handsome man to have dinner.

I laugh loudly and say: _I need to read to have a repertoire.

Ivone says: _For this, just live, instead of fantasizing about the man reading, it's crazy to close your heart, just because she got hurt, she needs to find a boyfriend.

I said: _ Close seriously, I'm not fantasizing, but studying.

Ivone says: _To write, you also need to go out, gather experiences.

_Have certain mother, I'm going to get a boyfriend.

I swallowed my cigarette, I felt a chill in my belly, my brown eyes widened with fear, I installed the application on my cell phone, after so much insistence from my mother, I looked at the profile, one by one, while she encouraged me, it was defective in each of them.

I said: _Stop leaving me more scared than I already am.

Ivone said: _Have sure I'm sorry, open, look and choose.

_And this is very interesting, I could be my boyfriend and so my goal would have been achieved.

Despite saying this, I knew that my heart was closed, even opening the possibility of finding it, even wanting to fulfill my goal, I was afraid.

I admired that photo that spoke little of Gian Lucas, besides that he was extremely attractive, his beautiful and expressive brown eyes, his fleshy mouth fascinated me, his very short hair, I pressed the check, but without great hopes of combining, after all my heart stone, I didn't want to open it, despite my best efforts, I wanted to reach my goal, but I didn't know how.

When a message appeared, I felt a little shiver, my hands were sweating, my heart was pounding.

_Mother He replied.

_Are you sure you are going out with a stranger?

_I don't know that I'm scared, but and my goal, I can't be rude and not answer.

I start talking to him, even though I feel my heart racing, the possibility of having to open myself to a relationship terrified me, so much time alone, that I got used to it.

The moment I laid eyes on Gian, he looked like the very definition of paradise, his eyes were invasive, they seemed to cross me, he made me have the most perverse thoughts, he was wearing jeans, a jacket and a basic black blouse.

He didn't say a word, my heart was so closed, it felt cold, watching this detail I drank my coke and swallowed my cigarette, which on my palate this junction looked like the most delicious dessert, the pure definition of pleasure.

We were in an extremely ordinary restaurant, the only sound I could hear was the atmosphere, in the same second that my mind traveled in Gian, my desire for him, his lips were as wide as the immensity of the stars in the sky, I don't think I ever I wanted something so much, my hands were sweating with cold, my heart was racing, my stomach felt cold.

When I touched my hand to his, I felt his skin cold.

Something inside me was strange, when I felt intensely alive, I touched my own hair dyed blond with shame, at the exact moment when I tasted Gian's lips, I didn't think I could feel it anymore, I had closed my heart so much that it turned into a stone, now it was completely soft when I felt his soft mouth. I leaned him against the car seat, while he pleaded in my thoughts for a little more of those lips.

I felt my heart accelerate with the possibility of being caught, I couldn't resist starting to take off his shirt, his belly was cracked, I opened the button of his pants, I saw that he was already excited because of the volume underneath his black underwear.

I put it in my mouth and looked at him with a seductive look, he turned me towards the seat, started to suck on my intimate part, at the same time that I pressed the seat of the vehicle, of the tremendous pleasure that I felt, to the point of unintentionally loosening a loud groan.

Then his reaction was to penetrate me, when he did, I bit his skin lightly and my own lip. He remained penetrating me until he reached orgasm.

I swallowed a cigarette, biting my own lip, remembering the madness we had just done.

I had just realized one of my biggest fantasies, had sex in a car, my stone heart had just softened, had just opened up, without my realizing it.

My heart had opened completely, the stone he had become cracked and gave way to an open heart, so much so that I drifted all the way to my residence.

I stayed in the clouds, with an open heart I placed myself among that tangle of blankets, books and clothes from the previous days, I started to travel in Gian's memories, in addition to reading myself, my journey extended with every word and that wonderful aroma of a new book . I lost myself completely in reading, in my thoughts on Gian, when my mother made me come back to reality.

She said: _ And then he already called you? Did I get your goal? He is dating?

I said indifferently: _No.

As if I didn't care, but only the possibility of being rejected made me feel my heart closing again, literally turning to stone.

She said: _I told you not to leave, now I'm begging for a call, also if he calls now you say you don't want to.

I said: _I have a heart of stone, so calm, very well alone, but I still want to reach my goal.

She said: _That same he doesn't deserve his heart to stop being stone, if he doesn't want anyone, he needs to search until he finds it.

My mother left me alone, I turned my attention to my book, while I felt my chest close more and more.

I swallowed a cigarette in front of the store, watched my own white hand, the store I work as a saleswoman had been a good day, I thought, but I was there alone, traveling in Gian, I knew I shouldn't be thinking about him, but I can't control my thoughts , my heart was closed, but my mind was not.

I took another drink and closed my chest even more and concentrated my thoughts on the view of the street, the cars passing by, the loud noise of everything, of people talking, of vehicles.

When my attention was taken by a car like Gian's, standing in front of the store, he got out of his vehicle with a bouquet of flowers.

He said: _ Sometimes I wished the time would stop so that my eternal company would be you, do you want to date me?

When I heard those words watered with sincerity, I felt as if the stone in my heart was breaking, as if it were normal now, beating. My eyes filled with water and I traveled on the lips of the one who had freed me from the bitterness of my own heart and the best had reached my goal was dating.

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