Hi dear readers, welcome, I wrote this poem I hope you enjoy a tight kiss Lola.

How I would live without you in this quarantine, I don’t even know better, because there’s nothing better to forget about the problems outside than diving into a good movie, covered with blankets and in the company of a good popcorn. I can’t imagine myself without you, I look forward to your releases biting my nails due to anxiety, all I want is your company, I’m in love with you, if I stay away I miss you, I want to see you again. if you let me, I’ll stay by your side all day, even more if I watch a good series, I don’t even watch the time go by, I just want to satiate my curiosity to know what will happen in the next episode and from next to next when I realize I spent the day by your side. Ah netflix I don’t know but to live without you by my side, you’re like coke is not equal, I became your fan and in this quarantine all I want is you and the control on my side.