Hi dear readers, welcome, this is one of the poems I wrote and enjoyed the most, I share it with you now!!!

Wild woman.

I feel suffocated with his rough hands on my neck, want to make me silent when I’m the scream itself, telling me how to behave based on the story of my past that was the cause of struggle for those who came before me, want to become me statistic through femicide for your weakness to think you own me having the power of my life in your hands, I who carried you in my womb, gave you life, deal with your ingratitude to educate your children as if they were superior when we should have equality after all we are human beings before gender, but don’t try to make me small by representing myself in movies, in literature, in fairy tales where I look for a prince charming to solve my life, since I’m my own solution, fit me into toys created to make apology for domestic services which he hopes will be my future behavior like brooms or makeup to highlight the dictatorship of beauty from which he had constantly demanded me just for my own gender. Not satisfied, denying me the education to deal healthily with my sexuality and my pleasure, telling me not to put my hands there unlike the naturalness that raises your children to deal with the same issue in a much healthier way with masturbation, denying me the same salary for the same function, will still have the courage to say that I’m the weaker sex, No, I’m poetry, I’m the visceral cry of a human being before gender for equality, I’m stubborn as water before so many repressions imposed I still survive smiling, laughing out loud, being a wild woman that I am, not letting myself be reduced by her expectations but being a revolution through the blood and pain of my sisters, grandmothers, mothers who fought against their prejudice that still reverberates in my daily life , I will be resistance, I will be the force, the one who says what he thinks, not the passive one, the one who believes in exchange not in the servitude of pleasure, I was not born to be submissive but to have a voice, to echo my cry visceral by the next generations who claim equality, and proudly say I’m a wild woman because I don’t want to be tamed.