Jun 26, 2021

Chronicle of the day!

Jun 17, 2021

Poetry and Chronicle of the day.

Jun 16, 2021

Chronicle Are you a writer but no college?

Hi dear readers, you are very welcome, I wrote this chronicle because some people questioned me and I decided to respond in the best way I know, writing, I hope you enjoy a tight hug Lola..I don’t believe that having a college dignifies me to be a writer or not, of course I don’t despise whoever is graduated, but I don’t believe that’s what makes anyone a writer or not, because in my humble opinion, not wanting or being the owner of the truth, the act of writing is a... more


Jun 14, 2021

Bymeacoffee Chronicle!!

Jun 12, 2021

Chronic Quarantine.

Quarantine.Oh the quarantine, I think I've never been cloistered at home for so long, it's good that as a good Cancerian, I've always been quite homey, but not so much, but I'm glad there's Netflix, I love watching movies, being at home whenever I can, my dear and beloved puppies that give meaning to my existence, I also thank you, our newest member, dog Tomas, is only a few months old and brings a lot of joy, makes a lot of laughs too, it would definitely not be the... more

Jun 12, 2021

Chronicle of Valentine’s Day!!

Hi dear readers, welcome, here is a chronicle I wrote in honor of today, a hug Lola.Dear readers, sometimes I wonder if humanity still has a way, sometimes I feel like talking let me down because I don’t agree with certain atrocities, these days we had some tragedies that occurred the first one was a man who was raped by three men, who have inserted sharp objects in his anus, he is in a very serious condition in the ICU, as we had the disservice after this occurred with the unfortunate... more

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