The story The house and the keys.

Hera Walker did not want to get up just because the phone kept ringing, she had the blankets on her body, curled up like a child, with her head resting on the pillow on her side. Who would have the audacity to be interrupting their beauty sleep, he thought. She woke up irritated with her old cotton pajamas, comfortable pants and blouse, her slippers, she felt like a girl who didn't grow up. Who would be calling this early in the morning? It was practically dawn. It was six o'clock in the morning, she was the best detective in town, but she had the right to sleep some more. He yawned and answered the phone that rang again. Envied Artemis who seemed to be dreaming of unicorns or fairy tales.

He was in his nightgown, drooling on his pillow. – What's it? Do you need your Watson? And laughs.

-I thought you were sleeping, if you're Watson, I'm Sherlock. It seems that they killed a person and placed the body in the house of Mrs. Inês, she is calling us to go and investigate.

_Come there then, but you pay for coffee for the better of the duo.

_OK, in this case me.

Hera sipped her coffee while looking at that beautiful mansion-style house, a little old and old, large glass windows, a wonderful garden with roses and other types of flowers. Artemis knocked on the door with a closed hand. Mrs. Inês answered, she must have been 65, with short hair, a mixture of white, gray and black, brown eyes, she was elegant with a basic blouse, cardigan, jeans, all star on her feet. He invited Hera and Artemis to enter. The mansion was even more beautiful inside, furniture that looked like new wood, beautiful armchairs with a touch of gold, a crystal chandelier, large gray velvet sofa, a fireplace, that mixture of aromas invaded the place the smell of the fireplace accompanied of a tea that looked like lemon grass. Hera sat in one of the armchairs next to Artemis, he could taste that taste in his tranquility with a little sugar. Artemis and Mrs. Ines herself also enjoyed tea.

_Drink little more tea.

_I suspecting my maid.

_Is it just you and the maid?

_No, there is my daughter too.

_Is Mrs. Inês married?

_Yes, he recently died of a heart attack.

_I'm sorry, for your loss.

_Is she an only child?


_You can count on us we are the best detectives you could hire.

_I know, I want you to know the house.

Hera followed Mrs. Ines, who seemed quite controlling, showing each empty room, with chic beds, desks beside it. That house seemed like the ideal home for the city's best detective in her case, but she wouldn't need as many rooms.
_It's this one?

_It is the same as all the others I don't need to open

_Who has access to these keys that you are holding?

_You can count on us we are the best detectives you could hire.

_I know, I want you to know the house.

Hera followed Mrs. Ines, who seemed quite controlling, showing each empty room, with chic beds, desks beside it. That house seemed like the ideal home for the city's best detective in her case, but she wouldn't need as many rooms.It is the same as all others, I don't need to open it.

_Who has access to these keys that you are holding?

_I, my daughter and the maid.

_Where is the body that said you found?

_In this room here, the gardener's body, I believe it was my maid because I heard them discussing they were having an affair, and I explicitly explained that it was forbidden.

_Do you know the reason for the fight?

_He saw when they fought.

_ And why haven't they arrested her yet?

_I went to the police, to say that I heard the discussion, but there was no evidence that would lead her to be found guilty, they soon sent me away and said they would come later to check on the body.

_I get it, let's talk to Helena, you won't be able to hide anything from us right Artemis.

_Right, we are great detectives if she has something to hide we will find out.

Hera looked at Helena washing the lettuce, she was finishing preparing lunch, she had brown eyes as well as hair, white skin, a little full. Mrs. Inês watched the whole scene, then Artemis arrived to be part of it.

_Put two plates on the table they will have lunch here, there are also some questions to ask you Helena.

_Yes, Mrs. Inês, I'm afraid of interrogations.

_Will we be brief Artemis? We are competent for that, the best detectives in town.

_Did you know the gardener?

_Yes, he was one of the employees.

_Were you having an affair?

_Yes, we started to argue because he wanted to tell me something else he was afraid of my reaction, he was very afraid just like me.

_Did you kill him? and put him in the room?

_No, I'm terrified of blood, who can say killing someone.

_Where are you at the time of death?

_I was in my room when I heard your scream.

Hera was satisfied with the taste of that meal, a salmon with capers, rice and mashed potatoes with a cold cola, she couldn't want anything more in life, Artemis seemed to be enjoying it too, her daughter was at the table too. his eyes were blue, his hair was brown, he had a strange look in his eyes as if he kept a secret, or perhaps he knew who the murderer was. Hera took a deep breath, asked: _Where was it at the time of death?


Didn't you hear any noise?


Hera and Artemis said goodbye, somewhat satisfied the investigations were progressing. Hera was surprised by her boyfriend, who took her to her room. Eduardo kissed Hera and threw her on the bed, started kissing her whole body up to her feet, then spread her legs and licked her intimate part, Hera moaned and came. Soon afterwards Eduardo penetrated Hera and came and went, too. Hera got up lighter and swallowed a cigarette, it was one of those five minutes that she couldn't think of anything other than how much pleasure she had felt.

The next day he woke up so light that he thought he was still dreaming, dressed elegantly and went with Artemis to Mrs. Inês's house. They drank tea as usual, then Inês explained why she had called earlier, that she wanted them to check the maid's room. Hera looked at the room minutely clear. Her owner did not know about this inspection, so she found the possible murder weapon to be a bloody knife. Hera approached Helena and questioned why she had been lying.

Inês looked at the whole situation, Helena did not say another word, the police arrived and arrested her because she was suspected of the murder, she assumed her guilt. Hera looked at the clock in terror, it was already late, Artemis noticed her friend's concern this was not the time for two women to circulate in the street, not for them, but because there is too much of an asshole to give reason for something he doesn't have, as if it was justified their act due to the time they were on the street. Inês said: _I have a spare guest room you can sleep there if you want tomorrow I will pay you and go home, what do you think?

Hera took a deep breath and said: _Thank you so much for understanding Senhora Inês.

Inês took her key and opened the bedroom door that was a dream, chic sheets, a feather pillow and a hot tub. Hera's eyes sparkled, she said goodbye to Inês. Hera has already entered the bathtub quietly, her body relaxed, while she swallowed a cigarette, she tasted the taste of pleasure with relief, she felt water in contact with her skin, she heard the sound of rain, the sight of that stunning bathroom was the definition of a dream consummated, definitely Hera would love to have an equal. He brought another cigarette, watched the handful of keys in his hand, started to think.

Artemis was brushing her teeth in pajamas that Inês had given in when she interrupted Hera from her whirlwind of thoughts and said: _What are you doing with these keys in your hand?

Hera haunted the smoke from her cigarette, adjusted her glasses with her index finger and said: _I took it from Mrs. Inês when she left it at our desk and changed it to Helena's.

Artemis took a deep breath and said: _Do you think she won't notice?

Hera said: _I believe that they are practically the same except for this key, what is it that she hides?

Artemis said: _But my god Hera is already resolved, we will receive tomorrow, we are sleeping in this wonderful room, we are great detectives and we have already solved the case.

Hera smokes again and says: _No to something wrong in this story, you saw Helena with the keys, while Inês did not let her go for even a minute, she hides something I feel, my sixth sense of detective tell me.

Artemis said: _To this, your evil is sleep.

Hera says: _Maybe, but I will find out what this key opens, come with me best friend and detective ?. Inês will be sleeping.

Artemis says: _Ok, if it is nothing we go back to sleep.

Hera says: _OK, the pair's second best detective.

Hera walked with almost nonexistent steps, so quiet, testing that key in every room, which did not open with her.

Artemis laughed and said: _Seeing we go back to sleep, if she sees us we will say what.

Hera said: _This is the gardener's house.

Artemis said: _Friend for the love of god it's raining, why there?

Hera said: _She is smart she knew we wouldn't look there it would be very obvious.

Artemis says: _And what do you think you can have there?

Hera says: _Do not know we will find out.

Hera took the umbrella, I went alone, while Artemis was on the lookout in case Inês showed up. That house looked like it was coming from a horror movie, all broken, wooden, an old bed, that was where the Gardener's body had been found, it still smelled of death. Hera took a deep breath and was sorry for her stubbornness when almost on his way back, he noticed a totally strange curtain in that decoration on the wall, when he saw a door, it was there his stubborn and arrogant mind said. He put the key almost in disbelief, the door opened, Hera's eyes widened, she ran after Artemis, who is there waiting for her. Artemis noticed the feature on his face and said: What did you see? Hera took a deep breath and said: Nothing, let's go to bed.

The next day Hera was delighted with the wide choice on the table, cheese breads, coffee, fruits, omelets, orange juice, everything was at her disposal, She took some cheese bread with omelets, drank her famous coffee I was used to. Artemis was quiet and not smiling as she used to be after all Hera had left her with the flea behind her ear, had barely slept, was seen by the expressive dark circles under her beautiful brown eyes. Hera was so delighted that she didn't want to emphasize her friend's discomfort, with all those aromas of fresh bread, omelet, coffee, besides the ecstasy they were causing on her palate until the morning was more beautiful, this was a coffee at the height of the best city ​​detective, thought Hera who kept smiling. However Inês seemed well centered and took a deep breath and said: Funny I realized that I thought the keys were with me, but I found them here on the table in front of the house, as if they had created legs, I believe that the lesson has validated that some things should stay in secret right Hera? "Hera practically stopped everything she was doing as if she were anesthetized without believing what she was hearing and just nodded. Inês said: That's why this is your payment amount, thanks for the work.

Artemis came home that could not stand it anymore and said: Friend for god's sake what was on that door? What did she mean by certain things must remain a secret? Hera said: I really wanted to tell you more I was afraid that Inês would listen to us.

Artemis said: _Then tell me this is killing me out of curiosity.

Hera sat in her thinking chair, lit a cigarette, while swallowing she started talking about her reasoning about the case she said: _ Know friend I believe she was threatening us, I am very genius, she realized that if she said what I thought that door could complicate it, so the biggest amount of money wants us to be quiet, but now it makes sense.

Artemis: _What makes sense?

Hera blew the smoke out of his mouth and took another drink, he continued: _She we hired we would never doubt her, then she spoke to suspect Helena, to inspect her room.

Artemis said: _As I said that Helena used the keys, but we only saw her with the keys all the time.

Hera said: _Exactly, second genius.

Artemis said: _But what was in the room anyway?

The intercom rang, Hera promptly answered and did it with her index finger in her mouth for Artemis to be quiet. Inês's daughter came in and said: _I need to confess something I'm afraid my mother will kill me to silence me.

Artemis said: _Can speak dear your secret is safe with us.

She said: _I heard the Gardener's screams when he saw my mother killing my father, he wanted to leave her with nothing, he had betrayed her with the younger secretary, not classic, I saw this whole scene and my mother silenced me until now, but when he wanted to tell, he threatened to kill me.

Hera said: _We need to go to the police station for you to tell this to the police, other than that there is some evidence that makes you suspicious.

Sofia said: _The fingerprints on the gun she hid, on the knife she made Helena by her hands to cup it and then hired you to take everything to Helena.

Artemis said: _You found her father's body in that door, didn't you?

Hera took a deep breath and said: _Exactly, my dear Watson.

Artemis said: _But a case solved, Sherlock.

Sofia opened the bag, took a cloth off the top revealing the weapon as evidence.

Hera said: _Perfect we will go to the police station with your testimony and the gun she will be in a hurry, you can stay at home if you feel safer.

Hera watched the Delegate together with the clerk who collected Sofia's statement, along with the gun, we went home, we were told that Helena had been released and Inês was arrested.

Hera got up happily in the morning she observed Sofia, who seemed to be sleeping peacefully, she drank her coffee, smelling that aroma of fresh coffee that she loved so much, tasted that bitter, sweet taste in her palate, observed the view from her balcony that is simply beautiful. just for the view itself, for the sky without even a cloud, for the sun with its rays that invaded a piece of the apartment, as the fact of feeling the heat of the rays on your skin, but also for the joy that screamed from inside Hera in each cell of his body for the success in the case that appeared in the smile that he could not contain in the corner of his mouth, Artemis interrupted his friend's morning delusions and said: _ Are you happy? Sherlock can't help himself.

Hera said with a smile on her face when she swallowed a cigarette: _Yes, we are the best detectives in town and we were entitled to this.