Hi dear readers, part of my new release, 20 stories, I hope you like it, a tight hug Lola…

Hera loved taking the subway, watching people, as if it were a research lab. But on that fateful day everything changed, a masked man walked in, killed a beautiful young woman with a slit in her throat and then fled without a trace. Soon the police arrived, now they were in charge of investigating what had happened along with my best friend and fellow detective Artemis King. Despite the shock of the scene, I couldn’t let you down, she took another sip of coffee, whose taste he liked its bitterness and all he could think about was who the killer was and why. But the more she thought, she saw that nothing made sense, so she took a drag on her cigarette, watched Artemis waiting for her to finish her thoughts in words, an expectant expression in her brown eyes. Hera despite Artemis’s anxiety didn’t say a word, she couldn’t stand the anxiety anymore, biting her nails with so much suspense and said: _ What are you thinking ???

Hera took a deep breath and said: _Nothing makes sense, we need more facts, let’s go back to the subway for any information that might help us understand ..

Artemis smiled and said: _Finally, I thought I lost you for a minute in your own thoughts, shall we?

Hera nodded and they headed for the yellow subway line, looking for clues….