Took a strong ass shrooms. Dude couldn't tell what was different about the ones I got vs wot I normally get. Long story short the make you drowsy because they're to help promote slept. My was woke on the hella far from my house and it took hours to get back. Was so high I had to call someone to focus so my inner child wouldn't wonder off and I get lost again. Saw some really gorgeous too but again I was so high I would smile and wave like shy goof. Two women in particular when I got by lake Merritt were walking pass me and were perfectly thick. I stop paying attention to homie was joking about, tried to speak but I literally froze up. They were nice about though and I just walked off embarrassed lol but not really. Anyway, lessons learned. Next time I'll read the damn packaging or stick to wot I know because damn... At my highest I felt I was reliving that time I got left at the store as a kid.