New public Version .116 is online!

New public Version .116 is online!

Feb 03, 2023

I'm proud to announce that the new version 310123.116 is online. This is a huge release with lots of improvements for all visitors and some new features.


  • New website section: Queues.

  • New website subsection: Irregular Queue, open to contributes by visitors.

  • New website subsection: Security Blacklist.

  • All sections and subsections now have their dedicated icons.

  • Improve the image loading speed on slow or low-bandwith connections.

  • Improve the font loading speed on slow or low-bandwith connections.

  • Graphic improvements for the footer, the Pagination widget and the search box.

  • Some images now show a golden halo on certain platforms.

  • Added icons in the Filter menu.

Search Engine:

  • Improved search algorithm: empty or half-empty results pages will now be automatically filled with alternative high-quality resources.

  • Improved search security: resources with bogus or dangerous homepages are now excluded from the search results and managed in a dedicated public queue.

  • Support for SPDX license names: optional SPDX-compliant mode with dedicated on/off switch.

  • Common license logos and SPDX animated logos, with interactive explanations.

  • Automatic detection of all common code/documentation hosting platforms:
    MediaWiki and Wikipedia;
    Google and Google Chrome Store;
    Mozilla Firefox Store;
    Git, VCS, ...;

  • Smarter usage of computational resources for visitors with low-end machines.

  • Mini-icons for all Use Cases and Platforms (UNIX, NT, Android, Mac, BSD, ...).

  • The Share widget now supports mobile devices.

Directory page:

  • Mobile-ready layout: the Directory now supports very small screens.

  • Dedicated icons for each Use Case and System (Linux, Windows, OS X, MacOS, Android, ...).

  • Better search algorithm: all queries now show more search results.

  • Better categorization algorithm: shows less categories, produces better results.

  • Better accessibility for all Directory search results.

Privacy page:

  • New feature: show locally stored settings values.

Accessibility page:

  • New site-wide accessibility feature: Autofocus.

About page:

  • The in-depth information button is now more accessible.

  • The in-depth information dialog is now more accessible.


  • Improved the loading speed of all QR codes.

  • Loading spinner for slow connections.

  • Smoother animations on all devices.


  • Home: prevent the accidental dragging/selection of the Filter menu.

  • SERP: fix overlapping statistics/share borders.

  • SERP: fault-tollerant handling of missing entry details.

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