New public Version .127 is online!

New public Version .127 is online!

Mar 26, 2023

Hi! The new version 310123.127 Stable is online. This is a bugfix release with improvements requested by the most loyal visitors:


  • Add RSS 2.0 platform upgrade newsfeed.

  • Add link to platform upgrade newsletter.

  • Improve the layout of the page footer.


  • Loading speed improved on all devices and connections.

  • Add a Search Examples menu on Chrome/Chromium, Edge and Opera.

  • Improved algorithm: suggest up to 1400 free high-quality software/firmware/assets every day to different users in the world.

  • Unavailable or offline resources are no longer shown as suggestions.

Search engine:

  • Show a notification when a search result link is successfully copied to clipboard.

  • Add a "go back to the previous page" button under the last search result.

  • Add zero-padding to the search page index.


  • The Blacklist now only shows unique hostnames.


  • Homepage: periodic slowdown of a few milliseconds when loading the search bar.

  • Redirects: rare connection truncation during temporary redirects.

  • Search result share: "Copy link" button not working on Mozilla Firefox.

  • Resource details: graphical glitches when the drawer buttons are focused.

  • Resource details: forbid archiving partial data by search engines.

  • Options: text disappearing for a few seconds after enabling the Gothic fonts.

  • About: wrong orientation of the contact links separator.

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