New release! Meet Version .19 Beta!

New release! Meet Version .19 Beta!

Aug 04, 2022

Version .19 adds many new features:

Onion network (Tor)

  • Tor Browser will now display a button directly in the address bar to notify the visitors that a dedicated Tor hidden service is available. Clicking this button will visit the same page on the Tor network;

  • The integrated "Browse with Tor Browser" functionality follows the official styling guidelines of the Tor project to mimic the look & feel of the Tor Project.

Search engine

  • The Homepage loads much faster than before;

  • The search engine now shows the number of available resources for each category in the Filter menu and a grand count;

  • The search engine results page is now compatible with smaller displays (like those of smartphones and tablets) and sports dedicated icons for each main category and a Legend button;

  • The search button in the navigation bar is now composite and compatible with smaller displays (like those of smartphones and tablets);

  • Karma is now expressed as a percentage, from 0% (bad quality) to 100% (good quality).


  • Fix. token duplication glitch in the GUI (harmless);

  • Fix. unstable Tor address caching;

  • Add missing sentence in the Date section of the About page;

  • Add missing words in the Filter menu (Homepage).

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