Lorenzo L. Ancora

New Version .25 is online!

Sep 04, 2022

Version .25 adds many new features:

Onion network (Tor)

  • For all visitors of the Tor hidden service, the option to donate via credit card is automatically replaced with the option to donate via Bitcoin, because credit cards cannot be fully anonymous;

Options section

  • The options hub now lists and explains the functionalities available in each section to save-up visitors time;

  • Each section is now identified by a special accessible icon to assist those who are affected by dyslexia and have poor eyesight;

  • The Settings sub-section is now named Settings storage to clarify its purpose;

  • Improved accessibility of the interactive section buttons on low-quality/low-contrast displays;

Search engine and home page

  • New golden theme to grant the well-deserved dignity to each search result;

  • All pages load 15% faster on all web browsers and have quicker reactions on slow network connections;

  • The search result details now require less memory (RAM) on Google Chrome, Chromium, Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge and Opera;

  • The compatibility with Linux is now listed as "GNU/Linux" when a resource related to GNU is displayed, simply "Linux" otherwise;

  • It is now possible to search for Perl package names using their formal name;

  • The statistics pane can now be collapsed to save up screen space on small screens;

  • Improved accessibility of the main menu on low-quality/low-contrast mobile displays when Night Mode is disabled.


  • Fix. invisible "main menu" symbol when the Night Mode is enabled for the navbar;

  • Fix. search filter menu being covered by the navigation bar on small screens;

  • Fix. resource statistics not getting immediately updated on very slow connections;

  • Fix. navigation links triggering the popup blocker on some web browsers;

  • Fix. navigation links which could be accidentally dragged while not supposed to.

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