Lorenzo L. Ancora

New Version .39 is online!

Sep 23, 2022

Version .39 is a big update which adds many new features:

  • New section called "Directory" where you can do a very refined search and get a dedicated software index. If you can't fully remember the name of a software, this will help you immensely!

  • OpenSearch web browser integration compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari: now you can search on the Free Software Database directly from your address/search bar!

  • New smart "Return To Top" functionality which detects the size of your screen and shows a button which scrolls to the very top of the page when pressed;

  • The JavaScript code is now under the EUPL (European Union Public License) free software license and uses modern SPDX (Software Package Data Exchange) standardized licensing identifiers;

  • Support for anonymous donations via Bitcoin Cash;


  • Fix. occasional crashes related to caching (error 500);

  • Fix. mangled page titles;

  • Removed unsafe/untrusted service "Tallycoin".

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