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New Version .65 is online!

Oct 14, 2022

Version .65 is a huge bugfix update which also adds many performance improvements and some new features:

Search engine

  • You can now share any search result by clicking on the new Share button;

  • Some icons are now handled by a dedicated cloud server to improve loading speed.

About page

  • Improved performance by loading the statistics on-demand only when a visitor checks them;

  • Added the averages for each stat using tables and interactive graphs (see the Table button on top of each stat);

  • Added in-depth instructions on how to improve the Karma score.


  • Added smart interactive explanations to describe in real-time how the search will be performed.


  • The Gothic fonts functionality of the Accessibility settings is now available on mobile devices and in addition is compatible with non-latin systems (eg. Japanese);

  • Added animated interactive illustrations to the Accessibility settings which are now easier to understand for non-English speakers.


Token owners now can:

  • view and share the history of their resource updates via RSS (check the new History button);

  • check any owned resource directly in a new browser tab, without the need to do a separate search (check the new View Resource button);

  • own an unlimited number of resources for each token and the resources will be organized in easy to browse pages, like in a book (check the new Prev/Next page buttons on long listings);

  • filter the list of their resources and search the filtered list (check the new Filter button on top of the resource listing);

  • receive a warning when certain web browsers or extensions are misconfigured;

  • be automatically redirected to the edited resource after the edit is saved.


  • Support for additional cryptocurrency: Monero (XMON);


  • Fix. timeout while loading the homepage on very slow connections;

  • Fix. inability to search for resources containing the "@" character;

  • Fix. invisible Donate buttons when Night Mode is enabled;

  • Fix. token safety confirmations being automatically checked by Mozilla Firefox;

  • Fix. Return to Top button occasionally not appearing after the user shrinked the window or rotated the smartphone;

  • Fix. incorrect width of the statistics displayed in the Details subsection of each resource;

  • Fix. asymmetry in the illustration of the Bullet Time functionality inside the Accessibility settings;

  • Fix. some elements not respecting WCAG SC 1.4.3;

  • Fix. occasional timeouts when loading some images;

  • Fix. Directory search results resource names getting occasionally mangled on very small screens;

  • Added missing comment headers to some CSS files.

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