Lorenzo L. Ancora

Update 250422.9 Beta → 250422.15 Beta

Jul 22, 2022

This update features a new set of statistic-related functions which allow for the easy recognizability of high-quality resources. The artificial intelligence of the system now automatically suggests whether a resource is easy to understand and well described or, on the opposite, is in need of help by a volunteer!

This update adds the following new features:

  • Search engine: "karma" statistics to summarize the readability and the descriptive quality of each resource;

  • Search engine: views statistics to represent the popularity of each resource;

  • Search engine: update statistics to represent how up-to-date each resource really is;

  • Search engine: search tips of higher quality (see the search box placeholder on the Homepage);

  • About page: interactive documentation of each statistic and current averages;

  • Tokens page: dynamic UI button relocation when the user doesn't yet own any token.


  • Tokens page: tokens not self-disabling after 150 usages or more;

  • Tokens page: fix. invisible link to the About page;

  • Tallycoin & Buy Me a Coffee donation buttons: fix corrupted layout on mobile devices.

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