Version .190 is online!

Version .190 is online!

Jun 16, 2023


  • improved the loading speed of the main search bar.

  • reduced bandwidth usage on all web browsers.

  • compatibility with non-standard content blocking extensions.

  • fix rare address bar text misrepresentation bug on Mozilla Firefox.

Entire website

  • new section: System Distributions.

  • new service: Knowledge Base.

  • big speed improvements for visitors connected via free public networks.

  • fix small mobile layout bugs affecting the intermediate index pages.

  • improved footer accessibility.

Search Engine

  • dedicated language icons for Python, Perl and Ruby.

  • add dedicated icons for almost all hosting services.

  • show the hosting used by each resource in the Search Results Page.

  • support for new domains: Debian, .edu, Canonical and cloud hostings.

  • fix corrupt titles on some Debian-related resources.

  • fix occasional crashes (with "error 500") when using uncommon queries.


  • support automatic updates.

  • use correct MIME extension.


  • add new "starts AND ends" search filter.

  • fix missing pixels in Tux the Linux Penguin and macOS logos.


  • all stats were moved to a dedicated page with a better layout.

  • all stats are now updated every hour.

  • all stats are mobile-ready.

  • improved all data tables.

  • all diagrams are now fully interactive.

  • new stat: resource age.


  • link to the related documentation in the Knowledge Base.

  • fix access rights validation.


  • link to the related documentation in the Knowledge Base.

  • the Tech Info dialog is now called Legend.

  • the Blacklist is now a queue.

  • add missing menu icon in the Blacklist page header.

  • fix. text wrapping in Blacklist introductory warning.

  • mobile layout for low-end smartphones.

  • fix. wrong section title.


  • add styling to support direct rendering.


  • use permalink to Buy Me a Coffee post category in place of deep links.


  • total restyling so the visitors can see everything at a glance.


  • moved to a dedicated section.

  • all crypto addresses are now rotated every hour for improved privacy.

  • add support for Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin "SV" Satoshi's Vision (XSV).

  • add support for Donorbox for standard donations.

  • removed some obsolete QR codes and logos.


  • ready the new regulations for the social interactions on the platform.

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